Airlock: what is it & how to get rid of it

An airlock is the result of air trapped in your plumbing system. It typically results in gurgling noises in pipes and sputtering at the taps. In some cases, an airlock can stop the flow of water altogether. Airlocks can also affect central heating systems and stop radiators from heating up properly. The most effective way … Read more

Water hammer: what is it & 5 possible causes

Water hammer occurs when the water in a pipe is suddenly forced to stop or change direction. It’s often the result of a valve closing abruptly, such as a tap or a ball valve. It typically produces banging, vibrating, and knocking sounds. Water hammer isn’t just an annoyance. It can generate leaks or even cracks … Read more

Toilet siphon

A toilet siphon or toilet syphon is the component in a toilet cistern which discharges the water from the cistern into the bowl, flushing the toilet. It is normally made out of plastic. Generally speaking, toilet cisterns operated by a flush lever will have a siphon, and cisterns operated by a button will have a … Read more

Central heating inhibitor: what is it & how to add it

Central heating inhibitor or radiator inhibitor is a chemical added to a central heating system which prevents sludge from building up. It is an important element of maintaining a central heating system, ensuring its efficiency and protecting it from costly corrosion damage. In an open vented system, central heating inhibitor can easily be added via … Read more

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