Pumping over

Pumping over refers to a symptom of an improperly configured central heating system in which water is discharged into the feed and expansion cistern via the expansion pipe while the pump is running. The cause is usually either: The pump has been installed in a sub-optimal location on the system The pump has been installed …

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A stopcock, or stop valve or stop tap, is an inline valve which controls the water supply to a property. It is usually located on or near the rising main, and usually under the kitchen sink. However, in some homes it may be located in a pantry or hallway. In addition to an internal stopcock, …

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Rising main

The rising main is a pipe in the home which delivers fresh mains water to the highest part of the plumbing system. This is usually the cold water storage cistern or the feed and expansion cistern. Both cisterns are usually located in the loft. Rising main overview Water for a property comes from the mains …

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