Turn the water off: how to stop the water

To turn the water off, you will need to turn off the stopcock or stop tap. This is normally in the cupboard under the kitchen sink, or somewhere close to it. However, it could also be in your bathroom or in a cupboard near your meter. The stopcock itself is usually made out of brass … Read more

Change a ball valve: how-to guide

Knowing how to change a ball valve is probably one of the most useful DIY skills you can have. If you’ve got a leaking or dripping overflow pipe, having this skill can save you a fortune from an emergency plumber call out. How to change a ball valve on a loft tank Isolate the cistern … Read more

Drain the central heating: how-to guide

If you need to replace or remove a radiator, you’ll need to drain the central heating system. Fortunately this isn’t a difficult task. You won’t need any tools beyond a screwdriver, and in most cases, you won’t need to go into the loft. This article will tell you what to do. How to drain the … Read more

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