Toilet siphon

A toilet siphon or toilet syphon is the component in a toilet cistern which discharges the water from the cistern into the bowl, flushing the toilet. It is normally made out of plastic. Generally speaking, toilet cisterns operated by a flush lever will have a siphon, and cisterns operated by a button will have a … Read more

Toilet won’t flush: 3 reasons why & how to fix

Toilet won’t flush? There are several possible reasons why nothing happens when you pull the lever or push the button on your loo. In this article, we’ll explain the common faults and how you can fix them. Toilet won’t flush – contents Toilet cistern overview No water Flush mechanism components Broken diaphragm Toilet cistern overview … Read more

How to isolate a toilet cistern – overflow or maintenance

Need to isolate a toilet cistern? Whether your loo is overflowing and the ball valve won’t shut off, or you need to isolate the cistern for repair or maintenance, this guide has got you covered. Turn off the isolation valve near the toilet cistern This is the fastest way to shut off the water supply, … Read more

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