Change a ball valve: how-to guide

Knowing how to change a ball valve is probably one of the most useful DIY skills you can have. If you’ve got a leaking or dripping overflow pipe, having this skill can save you a fortune from an emergency plumber call out. How to change a ball valve on a loft tank Isolate the cistern … Read more

Expansion pipe

The expansion pipe or vent pipe is a pipe associated with a cold water storage cistern or a feed and expansion cistern. Its purpose is to accommodate the expansion of water when it is heated, and to allow any excess water to vent harmlessly into the cistern. It also serves as an escape route for any air … Read more

Byelaw 30 and Byelaw 60 kits

Byelaw 30 kits and Byelaw 60 kits consist of a set of components designed to protect the water in a cistern from contamination. They are intended for potable water cisterns, such as the cold water storage cistern in the loft. Byelaw 30 kits often come with new cisterns. However, they can be purchased separately if … Read more

Feed and expansion tank

The feed and expansion tank, header tank, or feed and expansion cistern as it is technically known, is a cistern which supplies the central heating circuit with water and accommodates the expansion of the water when it is heated by the boiler. It is typically made out of plastic. However, like cold water storage cisterns, … Read more

Cold water storage cistern: what is it & how does it work?

The cold water storage cistern, often referred to as the cold water tank, is an important part of a gravity-fed domestic water system. It supplies cold water to the hot water cylinder, and to potentially every cold water outlet in the home, except the kitchen and outside taps. It is usually made out of plastic, although … Read more

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