Surestop stopcock

A Surestop stopcock is a stopcock produced by Surestop Ltd, a UK company which specialises in making easy to use stopcocks that are designed to prevent water damage to properties.

Unlike traditional brass-handle stopcocks which may leak or jam, Surestop stopcocks are operated via a simple rocker switch, similar to a light switch. Not only does this make them extremely easy to operate, it also ensures that the water can be turned off quicker in the event of an emergency. The control switch can be situated on the valve itself, or some distance away, making the valve even more accessible to operate.

Surestop stopcocks are also ideal for people who may find it difficult to operate a traditional brass-handled stopcock, such as the elderly or the disabled.



Surestop stopcocks are operated by the pressure of the mains water itself. When the rocker switch is pushed, the valve harnesses the pressure of the mains water to push a diaphragm against the valve seating, stopping the flow of water. This means that they do not require any batteries or their own electricity supply.

Surestop stopcocks are available in 15 and 22 mm pipe diameters, and they are also available as a “remote” version, where the switch is connected to the valve by a length of of tubing. This means that the switch can be mounted in a convenient location some distance away from the pipework, such as in the kitchen wall above the kitchen worktop, or towards the front of a cupboard near the door. The standard length of tubing is 2 metres; however it is possible to purchase tubing in 6 metre lengths, offering greater flexibility in terms of switch position. It is also possible to buy Surestop stopcocks which will connect to MDPE, the blue plastic pipework situated underground which supplies cold water to a property.

All Surestop stopcocks are WRAS approved, and can be used as a complete replacement for a traditional brass-handled stopcock, or in compliment to an existing valve. They are limescale resistant, and according to the manufacturer, can be installed by the average DIYer in as little as 45 minutes. All Surestop stopcocks are produced at the company’s factory in Birmingham, and Surestop reports that every stopcock is tested with 14 bar of pressure to verify that it works effectively.