Overflow pipe/warning pipe – difference

Overflow pipes and warning pipes are key components of any cistern, such as those found in your loft. In the event of ball valve failure, they can prevent serious structural damage to a property, while alerting the occupant to a fault. But what actually is the difference between an overflow pipe and a warning pipe? … Read more

Cold water tank overflowing – why?

Cold water tank overflowing? If there’s water dripping – or pouring from a pipe which points out of the house at loft level or from the eaves of the roof, then one of your cold water tanks is overflowing. This could be either the cold water storage cistern, which supplies the hot water cylinder and … Read more

Why is there hot water coming from the cold taps?

Hot water coming from the cold taps is usually due to an immersion heater thermostat failing in the ‘on’ position. Hot water from the hot water cylinder eventually fills the cold water cistern in the loft, which supplies the bathroom cold taps. This is a potentially dangerous fault which can increase the risk of scalds … Read more

Part 1 and Part 2 ball valves: what’s the difference?

Part 1 and a Part 2 ball valves: what’s the difference? These brass fittings are some of the most common types of ball valves found in British homes. They are typically found in loft cisterns, such as the cold water storage cistern and the feed and expansion cistern. They both work in roughly the same way. As … Read more

Hot water in the cold water tank – why?

While the cold water cistern is designed to accommodate modest levels of hot water entering via the expansion pipe, things can go wrong, and in some cases, there may be hot water in the cold water tank. In such circumstances, the temperature of the water can range from unusually warm to scalding hot. Let’s take a … Read more

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