Boiler keeps losing pressure: 7 possible reasons why

If your boiler keeps losing pressure and you keep having to top it up via the the filling loop,. However, if your boiler pressure keeps dropping, your system may have a leak. Boiler keeps losing pressure – what pressure should my boiler be? While the correct amount of pressure may vary depending on model and manufacturer, … Read more

16 Awesome Plumbing tips that can save you a fortune

While some aspects of plumbing can be tedious, there are some ways to make them a little bit more straightforward. There are also plumbing tips which may not only make a job easier, but potentially save your property from thousands of pounds worth of damage. Here’s a selection of useful plumbing tips we think are … Read more

Fortic cylinder: what is it & how does it work?

A Fortic cylinder or Fortic hot water tank; alternatively, a combination cylinder, is a vessel designed for heating and storing hot water. It’s typically made out of copper, with a layer of foam insulation on the outside. What makes a Fortic cylinder unique is that it has its own built-in cold water storage cistern. This … Read more

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