The difference between direct and indirect cylinders

Direct, indirect, unvented…the list goes on. There are many different of types of hot water cylinder, but what is the difference between direct and indirect cylinders? In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what those terms mean. The difference between direct and indirect cylinders The answer to this question relates to how the water in the … Read more

Electric shower stops working: why?

If your electric shower stops working, it’s most likely due to limescale. Electric showers are basically instantaneous water heaters. They have a single supply of cold water which is heated on demand via an electric element. Over time, calcium deposits form on the element, just like in your kettle. This is particularly true if you … Read more


The boiler is the main component of a central heating system. Its main purpose is to transfer heat energy to water. The heat energy is produced by burning a fuel, such as natural gas, oil, or a solid fuel such as coal or wood. Hot water is then distributed to the radiators in the household, … Read more

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