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Part 3 ball valve

A Part 3 ball valve or diaphragm ball valve is a ball valve made to British Standard specification 1212, Part 3. It consists of a plunger and a diaphragm washer inside a plastic housing. The plunger is partly visible and protrudes … Continue reading

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Hot water cylinder

The hot water cylinder or hot water tank is a vessel for heating and storing hot water for taps in the home. It is typically made out of copper, and has a concave base for structural integrity. The top of … Continue reading

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Broken coil

A broken coil refers to a fault in a hot water cylinder in which the coil inside the cylinder is perforated, allowing water from the central heating circuit inside the coil to mix with water in the hot water cylinder. Overview … Continue reading

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Drain the cold water tank: how-to guide

Need to drain the cold water tank? It’s not a difficult task, and in most cases you shouldn’t need to go into the loft. Simply do the following: Turn off the mains stopcock, either on the rising main or outside the property. … Continue reading

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