Ball valve repair kit

A ball valve repair kit is a repair kit which contains multiple types of spare parts for ball valves. A kit will typically include split pins, high and low pressure valve seatings, washers for Part 1 ball valves, and diaphragms for Part 2 ball valves.


A leaking ball valve is often caused by a worn or defective component. In theory, this means that replacing the faulty component will repair the valve without needing to replace it entirely.

A comprehensive ball valve repair kit usually consists of a plastic box with several compartments, much like a tray in a fisherman’s tackle box. As mentioned, a repair kit will usually include high and low pressure valve seatings, washers for Part 1 ball valves, diaphragms for Part 2 and Part 3 ball valves, and brass split pins for ball valves in the cold water storage cistern and feed and expansion tank.

Buying a ball valve repair kit is usually cheaper than buying the components separately, and will be an extremely useful tool for the plumber to have in the back of his van.

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